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Snowy weather, still great signal...

Being on the go, by that I mean that we have been living full time in our 34' Alfa Gold.  You did install the Motstat on 2-3-04.  Been along the gulf coast to LA, but we did finally go to north Nevada for work.  My company is located in Reno and I'm an outside construction inspector.  I've been assigned to inspect the ongoing NDOT (NV dept. of transportation) Construction projects.  This is where living in the trailer is really nice.

While I was in Ely, NV, we were staying at the KOA camp ground from Sept ~ mid Dec-04.  During this stay, we (my wife {Margie} and I) were using the satellite daily for several hours.  We have experienced all weather conditions, even snow!  I want you to know that the weather does play a key roll in connecting to the G-11 satellite.  In the snow picture, the snow kept collecting on the dish and we kept loosing the signal. Each time I did use the water hose to wash the snow off.  The signal did come back each time.  Only problem was I lost out, the snow finally won and we had to put the dish down (stow) on top of the trailer.  The one night pic, was taken at sunset while living Ft. Mohave, AZ, May-04.

Stan & Margie Tovrea

Unbeatable Service...

While attending the Datastorm Users Group 3rd Annual Rally held in Kerrville TX, there were several DATASTORM INSTALLERS present. One of the things these installers do at rallies is to provide system support and troubleshooting to the end users.  At one point in time I had four of the five installers (including the lead technician from MOTOSAT), inside my motor home.  They were looking to see where the cables ran from the antenna on the roof to the D2 controller inside.  YES, I had a problem as I couldn't raise or lower the dish (antenna).  These installers were sure that because of the (3) slide-outs, I probably had a cable that had become kinked and/or broken. I told them that my installer (Paul Angerami of SATELLITE ADVANTAGE) had done some in-depth engineering when he originally installed my system.  I was certain that was not the cause of my problem. It WASN'T!  Instead it was the Controller Board on the antenna itself.  What was even more amazing were the comments that I got from these "expert" installers about the quality of workmanship that Paul had done to "HIDE" the cables with his excellent engineering.  I defy anyone to find these cables inside my motor home!!!

John Christman

A professional installation...

Paul and SATELLITE ADVANTAGE completed our D1 Controller, F-1 Antenna, 4000 Modem installation in January 2004.  The installation was very professional and looked like it was originally equipped part of the 5th wheel.  We have only had a couple of times to use Paul's follow-up service. He solved the issues quickly.  We later, we moved the system from the original trailer to a new one.  Although he did not do the new installation, Paul freely answered all my questions and helped me coordinate the removal and reinstallation of the equipment.  If we need any other help, or we decide to upgrade, Paul and SATELLITE ADVANTAGE will be my first choice!

Terry & Dianne O'Keeffe

You've fulfilled our requirements...

We purchased our Motosat system for the motor home and an additional dish for our house. Since we live in the hours for half the year and travel the other half , this application suits our needs just fine. Paul has been with us and directed us every inch of the way though out the "getting acquainted" process. He has been extremely patient, helpful, and very professional in is his response to our needs. When we look at the overall system that installed for us, we are very impressed with what he accomplished in fulfilling our requirements. We highly recommend his organization for any satellite needs that one might be considering. Paul not only installed the system, but his follow through far exceeded our expectations, long after the sale. We cannot say enough about the technical support that he provides his customers. After shopping for a satellite system, we feel our purchase from Paul SATELLITE ADVANTAGE was the best deal we found. Support was more important to us than the price.

Jim & Sharon Mick

Excellent support from Paul...

In January 2004, after a series of mis-communication and scheduling problems, I was put in touch with Paul at SATELLITE ADVANTAGE from the VAR I had contracted with.  Almost instantly I realized that I had made a huge judgment error signing up with Ground Control, however I was locked into a one year contract with them. Paul was very patient with me working with me to get my new Datastorm Internet Satellite service installed using an F-1 antenna, D-1 controller & 4000 modems.

I was extremely impressed with the planning and dedication of Paul and his assistant Dave, who took the time to make certain that the install was perfectly clean.  Having a brand new Class A motor home with 3 slides required some special attention to details over and beyond the call of duty.  Running the cables in such a way that they were completely hidden from view, yet didn't bind was quite a feat.  They took painstaking care to be sure that everything worked PERFECT and even called me a couple days later to make sure that everything was working just like the day they completed the installation!

In November, I started to have some serious problems with the technical support at Ground Control, due to some incorrect information I was without internet service for four days.  Then again in December another mis-diagnosis from Ground Control caused me to have NO SERVICE for nine more days.  I contacted Paul and decided to drive 250 miles out of my way to have him attempt to resolve my problems, remembering how well he treated me back in January.  His expertise instantly located the problem and found that the controller was defective, not the "upper board" on the antenna like Ground Control had determined.  I wanted to have Wi-Fi capability and so it was determined that I should change out the modems to the new 6000 series along with a D-2 controller.

As I was planning to go to Alaska in the summer of 2005, the determination to have reliable internet service from the comfort of my motor home became ever so important to me.  Since I maintain several commercial websites I can't be without internet service for several months.  So I arranged with Paul at SATELLITE ADVANTAGE to install the F-3 antenna system to compliment the D-2 controller & 6000 modem that I had just installed.  Dave was again called into action in late January 2005 to take down the F-1 and install the much larger F-3 antenna.  See my installation photos.  I also decided to switch over to MOTOSAT as my new VAR, who had already proved their worthiness to me.  There were some technical compatibility issues with the F-3 and the controller I had that required the help of Motosat technical support folks.  Paul stuck with it into the wee hours of the next morning to be sure that I was up and running.  I later had some problems with my Wi-Fi router that I had purchased elsewhere, however Paul very patiently stepped me through the process of making everything work.  I would recommend Paul and Dave at SATELLITE ADVANTAGE to ANYONE even considering any satellite system, be it internet or television.  These folks are TRUE EXPERTS!

John Christman