LED Lights

We carry only the highest quality LED replacement lights

Our T10/921 and our 1156 have a full metal housing.  We only use the latest technology in the led chips and drivers.  Almost all of the bulbs we carry have the Samsung 5630 LED high bright chips.  Our LED tubes use the latest 2835 led chips offering the brightest bulbs we can.

- Different color temps.
- Non Polarity (doesn't matter which way you hook up +/-)
- Voltage regulated to handle 10-30 volts.
- Latest LED chips, from Samsung and Cree
- 2 year replacement warranty

Color temps
Warm White: 3500k. Looks like the factory bulb color. A little yellowish in color.
Natural White: 4000-4500k. Looks more like day light. Whiter then Warm White. More of a white light color.
Cool White: 6000-6500k.  Looks like a blue tint color. A bit like a florescent light bulb

When you receive your order and notice that you would like a different color LED we will swap out at no charge. Shipping is up to the buyer.  No hassle warranty and color of your choice.  Buy with confidence we back our product and offer the brightest bulb we can.  We are RV'ers so we know what your needs and wants are.

Power Savings
Most of our LED bulbs are equal to 6 halogen bulbs.  Meaning that 6 of our LED bulbs take the same amount of power as 1 of your factory bulbs. Leave your porch light on and don't worry about dead batteries.  The amount of heat is reduced by about 90% also making for a more comfortable living experience in your motor home.